3 Actors Who Threatened To Quit Whilst Filming

The Hollywood-acting-life isn’t always butterflies and sunshine. Just like every ‘normal’ job, acting is hard work, pushing your boundaries and keep going. The fun: ‘I don’t have to apply my own make-up or make myself pretty for the job and I don’t have to worry what to wear’ life isn’t as easy as you maybe think it is. Every actor can accept or decline a request for a role. But just like most things in life, sometimes things don’t seem as bright as they were presented at first sight. Now what? Quit? These three actors had a very big role in several big films. Although they performed like real stars on screen, filming these movies were not as easy as they thought it would be. We’ll start with number three!

3. Hogwarts wasn’t enough for Emma Watson

Who doesn’t know ‘little miss know-it-all’ Hermoine Granger? When she was young she could irritate lots of people, but as the years passed by we locked her up in our hearts. When she was nine she started the Harry Potter adventure, that turned into eight fantastic films.

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