Eyeshadow: 8 Of The 10 Women Make This Mistake While Applying Eyeshadow

There are 7,442 billion different and unique eyes on this planet, lots of eyeshadow palettes and lots of colours. We are blessed with the make-up choices we have nowadays but it is also very overwhelming for some women -or men-. How do you know what kind of shades to use that fit with your eyes? Everybody can create the looks they want, but nobody wants to look like a clown. In this article you will find the best eyeshadow shades for your eyes. We will start with the blue eyes!

Blue eyes
The colour blue has a cool tone. That is why you need to bring some warmth to your eyes, it will balance out your eye area. Too much cool tones will give you a very strict look and too much warmth will make you look tired. It can look like you have bags under your eyes instead of a pretty natural eyeshadow look.

Both colours have to be balanced. To make your eyes look wide awake: don’t put too much colour on your eyelids, the attention won’t be on your eyes but on the make-up and that’s not what you want. The make-up has to complement your iris. If you put a light or shimmery eyeshadow on your moving eyelid the attention will be on the iris. These shades are the best natural eyeshadows to use: gold, bronze, grey, yellow-beige or peach.

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