Hairdressers Don’t Want You To Know This

Hairdressers will always be one of your best friends. Drinking coffee, you tell them EVERYTHING while he or she is fixing your hair. Relaxing right? You may not expect this, but they aren’t your best friend and they have their own secrets that they won’t tell you, the costumer. They never ever will tell you these things:

1 Non existing appointments

Sometimes 1 o’clock is the best time for you and you want to make an appointment. They will tell you: “It is super busy and there is no way we can plan you on this time”. But actually there is time but they don’t WANT to cut your hair because they could also have their lunchbreak at that time. Everyone needs a break right?

2 Selling products you don’t need

Do your hairdressers offer you some products that you ABSOLUTELY need? Well, news flash, you don’t NEED them. Hairdressers are working for a boss, of course, that reacquires them to sell some extra products out of the store.

I tink secret number 3 is understandable. What do you think? Go to the next page to read the last four secrets.