Peeing In Your Wedding Dress? Yes You Can!

There is not a thing on earth that is harder than peeing with your wedding dress on. Your ten bridesmaids and your mother-in-law has to help you lift up your dress so you can go and pee – or whatever you have to do-. But don’t panic! There seems to be a solution for this ancient problem!

A safety net

It is really easy to bring with you and it weighs nothing! This should be the solution for every bride who really needs to go to the bathroom while wearing her wedding dress. Entrepreneur Heather worked in a bridal shop and faced the same question everyday: “How can I go to the bathroom in my wedding dress?” After years of thinking and sketching she found a solution: a safety net for your brides dress. It looks like this:

How does it work? How can you use this peculiar item? Click on the next-button to find out!